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The Four Pillars

ASA is a global alliance that recruits, supports, and coordinates a network of organisations to implement conservation actions for amphibians, rather than implementing projects as an independent organisation. ASA takes a four-pronged approach to implementing our Mission of building the networks, capacity, and support necessary to conserve amphibians and their habitats. ASA is guided by an updated ACAP, and seeks to coordinate the implementation of ACAP recommendations across a strong and engaged global partnership. 

  • Partnership: Amphibian conservation benefits enormously from an active community working on diverse conservation issues around the world. ASA coordinates a collaborative global partnership, recruiting Partners from across this community, while also encouraging new organisations and groups to join the cause. ASA helps to create information to direct conservation efforts, guiding the identification of conservation 15 priorities at the level of species (e.g. through support of amphibian extinction risk assessment updates on the IUCN Red List) and habitats (e.g. through the Key Biodiversity Areas partnership). Our primary aim is to coordinate the implementation of ACAP, ensuring that Partners take on recommendations and work together to bring these to fruition.

  • Priorities: ASA seeks to establish and drive forward important priorities in amphibian conservation among our Partners. Priorities are developed in close collaboration with the ASG and AArk secretariats to ensure that urgent conservation needs are addressed in the most efficient manner possible. Priorities chosen for 2017-2021 include: conservation information and planning (important information linked to the development of effective conservation actions); habitat protection; combating emerging infectious diseases; trade and policy; and communication and education. 

  • Investment: ASA works to stimulate new investment into amphibian conservation actions through supporting diverse fundraising activities, directing funds strategically throughout the partnership, and encouraging Partners to invest in implementing ACAP. 

  • Communication: ASA, both centrally and through our partnership, promotes: important updates delivered to diverse groups; the stimulation of applied conservation research; the production of educational materials relevant to different audiences; and media coverage related to amphibians and their conservation (from print and radio, to social media and television/film). We work to raise the profile of this global conservation challenge and ensure that our partnership is supported by relevant information resources.